New MetalPress 35 Ton Trim Press Die Casting #80963


:Trim Press
:35 Tons
:40 x 40"
:Beta Warehouse Canada
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SpecificationsMetric show ImperialImperial  show Metric
Pressing Force 31.8 tons 35 tons
Distance Between Tie Bars (D x W) 1016 x 1016 mm 40 x 40 inch
Tie Bar Diameter 0 mm inch
Stroke 457.2 mm 18 inch
Daylight / Shut Height (Min) 0 mm inch
Daylight / Shut Height (Max) 812.8 mm 32 inch
Drop Through Hole (D x W) 254 x 406.4 mm 10 x 16 inch
Machine Weight (approx): 0 kg lbs
  • Control System: Basic Siemens PLC & HMI
  • Operation: Basic Push Button
  • Safety Ratchet Bar
  • Zero-Force Touch Buttons
  • Top Mounted Hydraulics
  • T Slots in Bottom and Moving Platen
  • Hinged Guards on 3 Sides with Electrical Interlocks
  • E-Stop Buttons with Dual Channel Monitored Safety Relay
  • Tower Light with Error Alarm
  • NEMA 12 Enclosure
  • Photoelectric Light Curtain CAT4
  • Automatic Tie Bar Lubrication System
  • Siemens HMI touch screen
  • Siemens PLC
  • The machine is ready for inspection and/or shipping
  • Technical data without obligation – subject to prior sale

New MetalPress 35 Ton Trim Press Die Casting

This Trim Press 35 Ton is manufactured by MetalPress. This used trimming press highlights the most recent control innovation, that fits your application. This used four-post hydraulic trim press is made by Metal Mechanics reference #80963 is currently located at our Canada Beta Die Casting Equipment warehouse and is ready for inspection and shipping.

SPECIFICATIONS: Pressing Force 35 tons, Distance Between Tie Bars (D x W) 40 x 40 inch, Tie Bar Diameter: 4.5 inch, Stroke 18 inch, Daylight / Shut Height (Min) 13 inch, Daylight / Shut Height (Max) 32 inch, GENERAL Machine Weight (approx):30,000 lbs

ADDITIONAL SPECIFICATIONS: 2 Core Circuits, Air blast valve with timer and air nozzles, Hydraulic Center Ejection, Interlocked hinged guards on 3 sides
Photoelectric Light Curtain CAT4, Portable Operator Console, Resettable Counter, Safety Ratchet Bar, Zero Force Buttons

The Importance of a Used Four Post Hydraulic Trim Press:

It is a very common hydraulic press in the automotive world and fundamentally it can cause great force, with only a little force. It is made up of one hydraulic cylinder that moves up and down providing tremendous flexibility and accuracy when trimming a casting, which is responsible for increasing power and maintaining maximum productivity. It is well known in the Die Casting business and automotive sector, the function of the trim press or trimming press is very basic. Its main objective is to multiply forces, and this is used to perfectly cut and trim die casting parts or other aluminum castings. They are machines that each day have more value according to their peak of use since they can be used for many industrial tasks.

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Product Overview

New Trim Press Die Casting Machine

  • Hyd Ejection
  • Machine Manuals
  • PLC Control
  • Touch Screen
  • Under-power
  • Trim Press
  • Core Circuits
  • Hyd Ejection
  • Light Curtains
  • Linear Sensor
  • Machine Manuals
  • PLC Control
  • Remote Diag
  • Touch Screen
  • Under-power
  • Core Circuits