Used Frech 90 Tons Hot Chamber Die Casting Machine #4379


:Hot Chamber
:90 Tons
:12,125 lbs
:Beta Warehouse Canada
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Die Close
Locking Force 89.8 tons 99 tons
Distance Between Tie Bars (W x H) 350.5 x 350.5 mm 13.8 x 13.8 inch
Tie Bar Diameter: 66 mm 2.6 inch
Stationary Platen (W x H): 541 x 541 mm 21.3 x 21.3 inch
Die Height (Min-Max): 160 - 398.8 mm 6.3 - 15.7 inch
Die Injection Force (Min-Max): 0 - 7.5 tons 0 - 8.3 tons
Shot Position (below center): 0 to -61 mm 0 to -2.4 inch
Plunger Stroke: 129.5 mm 5.1 inch
Plunger Tip Diameter (Min-Max): 50.8 - 61 mm 2 - 2.4 inch
Casting Volume (Min-Max): 46.8 - 877.4 cm² 7.26 - 136 in²
Ejection Force: 6.4 tons 7 tons
Ejection Stroke: 71.1 mm 2.8 inch
Machine Weight (approx): 5499.8 kg 12125 lbs
Size (L x W x H): 5 x 1.7 x 2.2 m 16.4 x 5.6 x 7.2 ft
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This Hot Chamber Die Casting Machine 90 Ton is manufactured by Frech.

This Hot Chamber Machine machine reference #4379  is currently located at our Canada Beta Die Casting Equipment warehouse and is ready for inspection and shipping.

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    Used Hot Chamber Die Casting Machine.

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