Used IMR Low Pressure Permanent Mold Die Casting Machine #3995


:BP-155-S (for Brass)
:Beta Warehouse, Canada
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Die Close
  • Arranged for a quick die set up and pre-heating station
  • Arranged for the automatic loading of the ingots
  • Computer control unit for furnace pressurisation and metal pouring
  • Control panel for induction furnace
  • Control panel for manipulator complete with PLC
  • Hydraulic unit for manipulator movements
  • One head manipulator
  • Pressurised three phase low frequency channel induction furnace 125 kW
  • Pressurising unit with valves and instruments
  • Safety photocell protection barrier
  • with quick die change over coupling
  • The machine is ready for inspection and/or shipping
  • Technical data without obligation – subject to prior sale
  • Specifications and location are subject to change without notice

Used IMR Low-Pressure Permanent Mold Die Casting Machine

Used low-pressure die casting machines and equipment are something we buy, sell, and supply. Aluminum and magnesium alloys are primarily cast via low-pressure casting. Low-pressure die casting is a popular foundry procedure that involves slowly filling the die with molten metal to reduce turbulence.

For various purposes, different types of low-pressure casting machines are utilized. Using die-casting machines collect the ingredients used to shape and mould molten metal into various shapes. The impression devices, clamping units, die, and systems found on most casting machines fall into this category.

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Low Pressure Permanent Mold Die Casting Machine