Used Rimrock 305 Ladle Die Casting #4879


:Multi Link
:Beta Warehouse Canada
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Total Stroke 1016 - 1778 mm 40.0 - 70.0 inch
Draw Down 431.8 mm 17 inch
Shot Capacity(max) 22.7 kg 50 lbs
Weight 226.8 kg 500 lbs
Size (L x W x H) 2438.4 x 609.6 mm 96. x 24.0 x 100 inch
  • AB Control Panel
  • Fits all die casting machines
  • Fully programmable
  • Machine is ready for inspection and/or shipping
  • Technical data without obligation – subject to prior sale
  • Specifications and location are subject to change without notice

Used Rimrock 305 Ladle Die Casting

This ladle unit is manufactured by Rimrock. This Multi-Link Automatic Ladle highlights the most recent control innovation, with double or single zones that fit your application. This unit is made by Rimrock reference #4879 is currently located at our Canada Beta Die Casting Equipment warehouse and is ready for inspection and shipping.

You can watch this machine video: Click Here to View This Ladle

We specialize in Die-Cast & Foundry Automation and buy and sell used automatic ladles. We buy and sell used automatic ladles (also known as auto-ladles or ladlers) for die casting and foundry applications.  Rimrock, Advanced Products, and Snair are all well-known brands.

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Ladle Die Casting Machine