Used Striko Westofen Aluminum Furnaces

Picture of Used Striko Aluminum Melting Furnace

We buy and sell used striko furnaces. Available from stock. Quick delivery.

    • Used Striko Westofen furnaces are something we buy, sell, inspect, and deliver. We are an authorised dealer for Striko Westofen furnaces. We buy and sell all brands of aluminum & melting holding furnaces, magnesium melting & holding furnaces and zinc melting & holding furnaces.
    • Aluminum and magnesium melting and holding furnaces are made by Striko Westofen. Striko manufactures a comprehensive set of tilting and stationary melting furnaces. The StrikoMelter furnaces are a whole line of high efficiency melting furnaces in the shaft (stack) design. This furnace provide expertise & technology for the highest energy efficiency.
    • Striko’s MH II-T (tilting furnace), MH II B (stationary with metal pump well), MHS, and the WHS-T tilting big batch capacity furnace are the most popular versions. The Westofen ProDos furnaces from Striko’s, which have been used in thousands of applications worldwide, are another one of their well-known products.
    • There are eight standard variants of Striko Westofen furnaces, including the 450S, 650S/SL, 900 S/SL, 1700S, 2300 S/SB, 3100S, and 4100 S.
    • We provide used gas aluminium melting and holding furnaces, used electric aluminium melting and holding furnaces, used foundry melting furnaces in a range of sizes, as well as a variety of options and brands, including Shaefer, Striko, Lindberg, Thermtronix, Dynamo Furnaces, and many more. Our high-performance used melting furnaces provide a quick and convenient method of adjusting the operating cycle to maintain maximum productivity.